Ucchash Computer and Creative School Journey In a completely relaxed environment, the upscale computer and creative school for boys and girls in the village of Jessore, Manoharpur bazaa r adjacent to Jessore, on 15 November 2017.

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Ucchash Computer and Creative School Journey In a completely relaxed environment, the upscale computer and creative school for boys and girls in the village of Jessore, Manoharpur bazaar adjacent to Jessore, on 15 November 2017. The Honorable Police Super (SP) of Jessore started off by setting the foundation stone. Mr. Mobinul Islam Mobin, the publisher and editor of the daily village paper was present at this time. In Montessori, Italy, our main goal is to provide education to the village children by introducing education system. According to that goal, 10 teachers were appointed as per the decision of the Executive Committee of the school. And all the infrastructure work of the school was completed on the 30th of December, with the aim of inaugurating the class of the school on January 1st.

On January 01, the school was inaugurated by Mr. Mobinul Islam Mobin, publisher and editor of the Daily Village paper. At the outset, Level-1, Level-2, Level-3, Class-1,Class-2, Class-3, which includes 3 students and students for each of the 8 subjects like Bangla, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge, Computer, Bangladesh and World Familiarity, General Science, Islamic Education. The class of the school was started on the subject. It is also associated with various educational toy accessories. And the educational classes are started by playing 1 days a week. Annual sports competitions were organized on 20-2-2018. Children pay homage to the martyr by giving flowers at the Shaheed Minar on February 21. Annual sports awards prize distribution was organized on 22/02/2018. The annual banquet of the school was held on March 10 at Binodia Family Park.

According to the school schedule of 2018, all the work was done. Learning by playing, including taking multimedia classes using computers and subjects, taking regular computer classes and doing outdoor classes one day a week, can provide a great response to local parents. Through which the school of education, built in the guise of Italian Montessori, was able to gain popularity. This year it is allowed to run classes up to tuition and class five. After starting the admission survey of 2019, distant parents requested to start a school car service. As a result, one cars were purchased at the school and drivers were appointed. In January 2019, there are 57 new students / students admitted in January. At the same time we went to the Upazila Education Office and were able to get government books. In addition to school books, government books are also taught regularly. The annual rally was successfully completed by the guardian rally, the pictorial competition, along with organizing the annual sports competition and cultural events of the 2019.









Success Stories

Mr Tanmay Ahmed, Head Conductor of CRI Co-ordinator SRDL Lab, attended our school as the chief guest at our Children's Painting Contest in 2018.

In the afternoon many people came to visit the school because of the beautiful atmosphere of the school. As a result of the school's popularity among the parents of our teaching staff through the green campus and play, many parents started communicating for the admission form before the admission program started this year. This is because of the increased motivation among the teachers of the school Is going on.

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